Best Inflatable Sex Dolls of 2019

When you hear the phrase “inflatable sex doll,” let’s be honest: you probably think about that awesome gag gift you brought to the bachelor party for your buddy, not something you would actually be interested in having sex with.

But the industry of inflatable sex dolls has come a long way, and you would be surprised to see just how pleasurable some of these dolls can be. Read on for reviews of some of the best inflatable sex dolls out there on the market today.

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Granny Love Doll

Blonde and Hot Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll

Why Are Inflatable Sex Dolls So Popular?

First and foremost, inflatable sex dolls are incredibly cheap when you compare them to some of the more high-end sex doll models available out there. If you are interested in an object that can help you get off and are not too concerned with what it looks like, an inflatable sex doll is a bargain method of achieving that goal. 

Second, inflatable sex dolls are far more easy to store than other sex doll models. You can simply deflate them, roll them up, and tuck them into the back of a drawer or into the box they came with. They will be ready and waiting when you want to play with them again.

Finally, inflatable sex dolls are easy to transport. It is almost impossible to take a non-inflatable sex doll with you on a plane for a business trip, but your inflatable doll can easily be tucked away into a suitcase or carry-on.

Considerations When Buying an Inflatable Sex Doll

We will be up front and honest with you: inflatable sex dolls require much more consideration and thought when purchasing them than that required of a love doll that does not need to be blown up.

First, you need to think about how realistic you would like the doll to be. Inflatable sex dolls are by nature less realistic in look and feel than other sex dolls, and there is definitely a continuum, from dolls with actual heads and appendages to dolls that are basically entirely plastic-wrapped air.

Another aspect to take into consideration is the quality of the doll’s material. You do not want something that is going to pop in your face in a moment of passion, or spring a slow leak over time.

Finally, you will want to think about ease of operation. Is the doll difficult to blow up? Will she be easy to clean? These are definitely aspects you will want to consider ahead of time, rather than in the heat of the moment.

​​Review of the Best Inflatable Sex Dolls

Let’s start looking at some dolls themselves! Read on to learn more about all of the available options for inflatable sex dolls on the market today.

1. Quella


  • Comes with her own pump
  • Realistic facial features and hair
  • No plastic or rubber smell
  • Well made, high quality material


  • Vaginal opening is extremely tight and some customers report difficulty penetrating even with lubricant

Quella is a partially inflatable sex doll whose body is blown up but who has a solid head, hands, feet, and a lifelike vaginal and anal opening.

Quella can give you high amounts of pleasure at a bargain price because of her more realistic features – some users report she is so lifelike, it is even fun to cuddle with her afterwards. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall, with large breasts and a beautiful face, and she is ready for you!

Bottom Line

Quella is a great time for anyone looking to invest in an inflatable sex doll. She is built pretty tight, so girthier men may have a bit of a struggle with her, but overall, Quella is a great choice.

2. Leticia


  • Realistic nipples
  • No plastic or rubber smell
  • Comes with her own pump that can be operated by foot, as well as a puncture repair kit


  • Arrives in a very large box – could prompt some embarrassing questions from family members or roommates
  • Comment Slash
    Easy to overinflate and cause rigidity and lack of flexibility
  • Comment Slash
    Clean up can be difficult

Leticia s another inflatable sex doll that makes a good attempt at realism, although we believe she isn’t quite as effective at it as Quella.

Leticia also has a solid head, solid hands and feet, and vibrating openings, but her proportions are a little more interesting looking than those you will find on Quella. If you are into slimmer beauties, Leticia is likely the better choice for you.

Bottom Line

Leticia is a great choice for those who are interesting in a skinnier love doll. She can be a little cumbersome and complicated to clean, but her realistic look and feel will make it all worth it in the end.

3. Rebekah


  • Quality mouth hole
  • Convenient to deflate and store 
  • Tight openings
  • Quick, prompt delivery


  • May leak air over extended periods of time

Rebekah is an inflatable love doll at an amazing bargain price. She does differ from Quella and Leticia in that no part of her is solid; she is entirely inflatable. This of course makes her far easier to store, while also making her less pleasurable in other aspects.

She does boast something neither Quella nor Leticia have though: a mouth hole. If oral sex is your jam, Rebekah will be able to give you a great time.

Bottom Line

Rebekah is a bargain love doll that can satisfy those who are longing for an oral sex experience. When it comes to her vaginal and anal openings, they can leave something to be desired, but keep in mind, she is far cheaper than many other options on this list.

4. Blowups Granny Love Doll


  • Appeals to those interested in older women
  • Comes with a free pornographic DVD


  • Cheap materials and design
  • Comment Slash
    Unrealistic look

The Blowups Granny Love Doll is a unique sex doll option for those who are into older women. She comes with a Granny DVD to help get you going, and provides three openings: oral, vaginal, and anal.

She is dramatically less realistic in appearance than other dolls on this list, with her vaginal opening located a good hand’s width above her crotch area, but she is also significantly cheaper, so take that into consideration.

Bottom Line

The Blowups Granny Love Doll is a good option for those who may not have the budget to buy a higher-end doll, and for those who like their women on the mature side. She is pretty cheaply made, so you will have to careful with how rough you can get with her.

5. Blonde Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll


  • Quick and prompt delivery service
  • Realistic feeling vagina, anus, and nipples
  • Made of higher quality plastic
  • Inflates quickly and easily


  • Mouth opening is difficult to penetrate
  • Comment Slash
    Cleaning can take a long time

The Blonde Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll from Lovehoney is an awesome option for those who want a more high-end inflatable sex doll.

Although she has an inflatable head, hands, and feet, the vaginal and anal openings are built into a removable masturbator, which can be easily detached and cleaned for convenient sanitation. She also provides an oral opening, with genuine Cyberskin lips for a realistic feeling experience.

Bottom Line

The Blonde Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll from Lovehoney is a great choice for those who want a more in-between blow up doll experience: something that is a little higher quality than your average bachelor party star, but not for a significantly higher price. She does have some negative qualities to work around, but overall, she can be a great time.


Inflatable sex dolls can be an awesome investment for those who want the sex doll experience but do not necessarily want to break the bank. Just make sure you are taking a variety of factors into consideration and you are finding the doll that will work best for you in terms of quality and pleasure.

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