Best Furry Sex Dolls of 2019 | Complete Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to the world of furry sex dolls! More than likely you’ve found yourself here due to some curiosity, so let me give you a brief intro.

We’ll be specifically talking about the Kemono Hime Animal Princess Sex Dolls and Fox Furry sex dolls. These two furry dolls are drastically different being that one brand is a plush toy and the other is a full blown realistic animal/human hybrid. 

Comparison Chart of the Best Furry Sex Dolls


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Kemono Hime

Animal Princess

Best Parts About Owning a Furry Sex Doll

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The best parts about owning a sex doll, in general, are personal and widespread. Some people are just plain bored of traditional masturbation, some may simply be on a journey to better orgasms, some may get a literal rise out of the fact that sex dolls are a bit taboo, others feel safe living out their wildest kinks and fetishes with a realistic but non-judgmental “person”, or maybe you’re a part of a companionship and are looking to delve into the world of threesomes. Regardless of your reasoning, there are infinite types of dolls out there to look for.

One of them just happens to be “furry sex dolls”. Those interested in furry sex dolls specifically get to live out their unconventional fantasies in the most imaginative ways whether it be with their favorite sexy plush toy or their most desired anime character. The possibilities are endless!

What Makes a Great Furry Sex Doll?

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Depending on your preference, you can find just about any features you want in a furry sex doll. If you want small, you can have small. If you want life-size, you can find that too. The small sizes mentioned in this article are plush and about two feet in length (envision an erotic stuffed animal) with an acrylic removable vagina secured into the bottom pouch while the large realistic furry dolls are made of soft and supple TPE rubber and stand at 4’10” tall.

What really makes all furry sex dolls great, however, are their characters. Furry sex dolls have animal characteristics. The plush dolls are animals with human characteristics like soft appealing breasts, anime eyes, and sometimes human-like hair.

The more life-like sex dolls are humans with animal characteristics, meaning that they look more like woman but they have characteristics like ears, tails, fur, and sometimes animalistic eyes.

Review of the Best Furry Sex Dolls 

If you’re in the market for a furry sex doll, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading below in order to learn about a couple of different options out there.

1. Ahri The Fox Women


  • Multiple payment options including PayPal
  • Free discreet shipping
  • Supple and realistic TPE material
  • Free doll outfit included
  • Removable tongue, hanging hook, optional shoulder joints, regular or standing feet, durable flight case, and the option for an extra head of your choice


  • Widely varying price depending on your selected options
  • Comment Slash
    Mass amount of different options may make it difficult to make a decision

Fox Fury sex dolls may have outdone themselves with this beauty! Much different from the plush toys, but still definitely a furry friend, Ahri The Fox Woman is an incredibly realistic life-sized sex doll.

She’s 4’10’’ with a big bust, medium waist, and nice round booty. She has three available orficies for your pleasure including an oral, anal, and vaginal canal and an astounding variety of options to choose from. 

Ahri's Customizable Features:

  • 116 heads to choose from
  • 2 sensual mouth options with uvulas
  • 15 different hair styles
  • 3 vagina options including one fixed and two removeable vaingas of different sizes
  • 3 vagina color options
  • 8 eye options of varying colors and shapes
  • 7 skin color options
  • 13 toe nail colors, 2 finger nail colors
  • 4 nipple colors
  • 3 pubic hair options and an option for none

Bottom Line

The mass amount of options may be either a positive or negative factor to this beautiful doll depending on who you are. The plus side to this is that due to the number of options you have, you can choose how much you want to spend.

Regardless of anything else, you have to availability to choose exactly how you want Ahri to look and the amount of pleasure you receive from her. Additionally, who doesn’t appreciate free and discreet shipping?

2. Kemono Hime Animal Princess Sex Doll


  • Wide hips
  • Three animal options to choose from
  • Movable head, arms, tail, and feet
  • Pouch suitable for most masturbators
  • Breasts featured on all furry friends
  • Comment Check
    Option to include a masturbator with your animal


  • Optional Onahole masturbator option is not an aesthetically pleasing vagina
  • Price is steep

Kanojo Toys makes a specific furry sex doll called a Kemono Hime Animal Princess Sex Doll. This sex doll is bit different than a typical sex doll in the sense that it is actually a plush toy. There are three options to choose from, all of them are recreations of Japanese anime and dojinshi fantasies. You can choose between Nene the pink dog, Anya the grey cat, or Kitsuno the brown fox.

Bottom Line

All of these beautiful plush lovers are females with breasts, long fluffy tails, and an Onahole pouch between their legs perfectly fit for a masturbator of your choice. They are all nicely detailed with cute little paws and bright anime styled eyes as well as movable arms, feet, tails, and heads. Perfect for any fur-lovers pleasure!


These are two vastly different furry sex doll options for you to weigh. Your choice will ultimately come down to preference. If you would like a furry companion that is smaller, easier to travel with, and a lot less human-like, then we would certainly recommend one of the Kemono Hime Animal Princess Sex Dolls. However, if you’re looking for a larger, more realistic and human-like doll, you will most definitely enjoy the foxy lady known as Ahri.

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